This horrible 7 days in America

By Hom lamsal

I was very happy with the news of snowfall in Texas from February 14, but that happiness did not last a single day. Unable to play with the snow, the light suddenly went out, making the week of my little family a difficult and unforgettable day. After the lights went out, there was no food or coffee. If I went somewhere, I could not drive. Stores were closed everywhere. There was chaos everywhere. We were forced to stay at home to save our lives.

When the lights did not come on for 24 hours in a row, when we contacted the motels, we could not find any way to getaway. As the temperature reached minus 15, I could not stay at home even when there was no electricity. I went to the nearest petrol pump, filled the gallon with gas, put it in the car, started the car for 5 consecutive days, opened the AC, and spent the last days with warm clothes. Sometimes at 7/11, sometimes at Chick Files, sometimes at Boston Pizza, I was forced to wait in long lines for hours to fill my stomach.


Maybe it was the most memorable week of my life. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.  With no electricity for seven days a week and no water for 72 hours, no one will have to suffer this day.

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