One more Nepali in Russian army dies, four captive in Ukraine

One more Nepali working in the Russian Army has died. The dead one has been identified as Kundan Nagal, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Russia has been requested again via the Russian Ambassador to Nepal to repatriate the dead bodies of the Nepalis, who joined the Russian Army and provide compensation to the families of the dead and the injured ones.

In a press release issued today, Russia has been asked again not to recruit Nepali citizens in the military and send back those Nepalis who are in the army. Similarly, information is sought immediately from Russia about the number of Nepalis who have joined the Russian army, the injured ones and their condition.

The Foreign Ministry has also urged all Nepalis to compulsorily receive no objection certificates (NOC) even from Nepali Embassies and General Consulates of India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the UAE, Saudi Arab, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain if they are traveling to Russia via these countries. Earlier, the NOC was issued only by the Consular Service Department under the Foreign Ministry for those going to Russia.

Meanwhile, the government has expressed serious concern over four Nepalis being held captive in Ukraine. The government has requested the government of Ukraine via diplomatic channels to release and return the captives, according to the Foreign Ministry.

Efforts are underway for the release and return of the Nepalis held captive, via International Committee of the Red Cross.

Those held captive by Ukraine are Bibek Khatri from Rajapur-1, Bardiya; Siddhartha Dhakal from Mandandeupur-6, Kavrepalanchok; Bikas Rai from Letang-2, Morang; and Pratik Pun from Runtigadhi-8, Rolpa. Utmost efforts are underway for their release, the Foreign Ministry has said.

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