NC lawmaker Gagan Thapa has 11 questions to PM Oli

KATHMANDU, April 8: Lawmaker of main opposition Gagan Thapa on Wednesday asked eleven questions to Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli saying that the prime minister’s recent address to the nation failed to clarify on a number of contemporary issues.

In a set of questions, he sought answer from PM Oli over the reliability of rapid diagnostic test to government’s plan for the settlement of India returnees, government’s decision to award Nepal Army for procurement of medical equipment.

Here is the list of edited version of questions raised by MP Thapa:

1. Has the government ensured the reliability of rapid diagnostic test (RDT)?

2.  How is the status of contract tracing? How is it being done? How is human resource mobilized?

3. According to the PM, about 30,000 quarantine beds are available. Of them, only 9000 have been utilized. Why can’t we rescue the Nepalis stranded along Nepal-India border or at the Indian side of the border and place them in quarantine?

4. Thousands of Nepalis are left stranded in various parts of India. Given the troubling situation in India in the wake of coronavirus outbreak, they are for sure to enter Nepal once the lockdown is over. What are the plans of the government for their settlement here?

5. How are Nepali embassies around the world acting upon for the safety of Nepali diaspora?

6. How is the stock of medical equipment including personal protection equipment (PPE)? What are plans of government for the procurement and production of PPEs in the days to come? Are the health workers currently at the frontline getting them as required?

7. How is the government making arrangement of necessary human resources, medical equipment, medicines and infrastructures in the capital and provinces in view of rising COVID-19 cases? What is the government doing so that patients of other diseases are not deprived of health services during this lockdown period?

8. Not only medics but also the security personnel have to be in the frontline. How is the safety of their life and residence ensured by the government?

9. Government has said that it is trying to sort out the ideas to give continuity to agricultural activities. When and how is it being done?

10. Government could manage the medical expertise of military mechanism. Rather, the army is involved in procurement of medical equipment which is totally irrelevant. DO you still think that concerns raised by people over the weakness of the government are baseless and merely the vested accusations?

11. Will you blame the suggestions by the opposition parties as untimely business ?

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