Human being Seeking Justice

By Jeshika Lamsal

Assembling the entire world into a country, with the same religion, same color, same race as a whole family might end racism if we take the consequences of what’s going on in the world right now. The headlines “watch, as this white police pins an unarmed black man who later dies,” along with #blacklivesmatter, are the newest trends in social media that aren’t helping George Floyd but, helping COVID-19  to reach its top. As the Fourteenth Amendment was one of the post-civil war amendments ratified in 1868, which is also known as the Equal Protection Clause. Ending slavery after the Civil War, the 14th amendment holds a pivotal role including the issue of rights of citizenship in the United States of America and due process of law. Taking the footsteps of former President Barack Obama as he stated: “that justice is ultimately be done.” Worst than a bummer which happened to George Floyd seek justice on its zenith, but the protest taking place isn’t helping the country get back to normal.
Alternatively of this protest why couldn’t everyone interchange the word racism with togetherism; respecting everyone, following the law, and as a human being making the world a better place would be undeniable humanity. Black, white, brown, purple, red, etc, are just the names suitable for colors which were later used for individuals instead of protesting make significant and obstinate changes that could help a lot better.
Rest in peace to George Floyd.

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