Female Perceptions Of Men

Without exception, men’s dedication is truly venerable. We should not hesitate to honor and respect a man who gives a woman a happy and respectful life. 

Why do we hesitate to honor all the good men of this world for their goodness, family, and social work? Those who are wandering for the sake of our love, preservation and happiness, prosperity, and dignity. For the development and prosperity of this country, the birthplace, from abroad to the backdrop to karma, suffer hardships and suffer. Some deserts and minerals are heated and roasted not only in the fiery furnace, but also in the nuclear furnace, until late at night. Tatas are also deployed in cold places so that family life can be enjoyed. Is it our duty to worship, honor, love, and preserve such good people and their good and admirable, venerable deeds?

Are we just such a selfish creature of all kinds of pleasures and pleasures at all times? Our identity is just that, and we can be so selfish and cruel, aren’t we? If we are, then let us be selfish. It’s easy to say – did men wonder? After the boy was born as a man, so much work. And it is easy to say that the work of raising a family was great. It is not easy for a man to become a man-man – to fulfill any family responsibilities, to take on social life responsibilities, and to fulfill the responsibilities of the country as well. Every good man is fulfilling whatever responsibilities he may have. It is because men are called because of their high endurance, courage, and bravery nature that they can do this. I remember one line in the sixth section of the Mahabharata, ‘I have the Jivatma always free. The soul is neither male nor female. The jivatma is born according to his karma in various castes. By brave deeds done by men, a woman can be like a man, and a man with a feminine spirit can be a woman according to karma by acting accordingly. With this mantra, we should move forward with respect and respect for one another. Can we openly honor male karma if we are able to do what is right for our destiny? Absolutely not, if there are innumerable women who are brave enough to work and respect male karma. How many are we?

Especially inhuman birth, there are two textures – man and woman. Men are forced to break the sacred mind and body at times in their lives for men, which is not in the nature of men. It is also an important part of respect and love for women. The affection for women around the world awakens in every good man. Of course, from the very beginning, the unity of men and women was necessary. It is on this basis that the creation of the world and the creation is underway. Just as violence against women is unbearable, in our society where violence against men is tolerable, we should not have any disrespect towards men. Then all the obstacles are lost as society progresses.

Throughout the ages, the valor, good deeds, sacrifices, efforts, and sacrifices of men who have done good deeds have adorned this stream, every family, society, and nation. But even wise, good men are our dear father, brother, husband, and son, good friend. And every good man who is truly industrious, we can never have the honor of his good deeds, sacrifices, and sacrificial deeds and openly declare his heart and heart.

We women have also become really selfish, which is not good for women. We can be grateful to them (men) for doing such good and sacrificing deeds. On the contrary, it is a natural obligation of men to do this.

Someone has made some progress and has added some wealth, diamonds, gold gems to reach seven generations. Sir, you, what have you done? I could not do anything. On the contrary, we discourage it by saying it is shameful to say what we have done. Hey, what nonsense you’re talking about! We even hear what is said. We can easily beat our self-esteem to the extent that we cannot do it to others. We call it hurt or heart-wrenching, or even if we do not know, we encourage corruption, out-of-the-middleman, stealing, criminality if we do not work. And we despise the same karma. We ridicule their pride, struggle, sacrifice, and sacrifice. What is it? Our morals? Think of it – instead, we have become completely devoted or have taken care of the children and their home. We are also talking about being like a free servant. Suppose we are not just a woman; we belong to her family.

Should we not add the energy and strength of a man’s tireless struggle and sacrifice? Should not the deeds of men be honored with honesty at heart? Aren’t men the only ones who give up labor and sweat for our many pleasures? Isn’t there an unselfish man who cares for us? Neither shimmery nor jewelry. Is he not an unselfish man who does good deeds only for the happiness of the household, family and children? Doesn’t he have his own dreams and dreams? Even if small weaknesses are found, a woman should not be attacked by men. Are not men and men selfless, who provide life and prosperity for their good by making another’s daughter a partner? Isn’t he a man who cares for his sisters, and daughters? We received education today. Didn’t they just give us a happy and prosperous life yesterday? Yes, women, today are successful, industrious, and liberal, but let’s examine history. Since the great war, efforts have been made from men, and sacrifices and dedications have come from men. Of course, men are certainly not sinners. He has become so sinful that even his sinful deeds cannot be imagined. Shake hands while trying to write.

Likewise, the woman did not commit any sin. Are all women bathed in milk? Without exception, men’s dedication is truly venerable. We should not hesitate to honor and respect a man who gives a woman a life of happiness and respect. Yes, let us not forgive anyone who is unfair and oppressive (male or female) and punished judicially. Let us respect the good and the working man in a neutral, wholehearted manner. Yes, good men have done wonderful and good deeds that we cannot even give examples. Since the time of the deity, women have been worshiped as Lakshmi, some Saraswati, some goddess, some goddess, or god, by giving them the status of Abel. His ancestors have forgotten their happiness and happiness in the name of women by decorating the monastery, house, palace, and for mother, daughter, sister, sister, friend, friend, wife. Let him be honored and highly esteemed by his heart, words, and deeds. Of course, when talking about men and women, we also need to understand life and the world. It is important to explain the relationship between life and the world. Of course, life is just karma. There is life in karma. Faith and faith are the basis of life. Giving life to water and living life by water are different issues. The throat of water covers the human throat, and when the velocity of the water rises, all the tremors, heat, and desert when there is no water. So, I have been saying – human life is an absolute highway, where we can beautifully think through and have a successful journey.

It is said that life describes good deeds. Life becomes meaningful and worthless because of karma. A meaningful life is a key to sustainable peace. In a vain life, violence always erupts. As a result, peace, retaliation, and violence, vengeance will emerge. Peace and violence are rooted in life. So let’s walk the good path. Let us encourage, encourage, save, love, honor, and honor the good deeds of men and provide them with a pleasant and good way that men can become women of honor. Honor others. Good deeds lead to a happy life. Let us also learn to respect badness by motivating it for a better life. The woman has been likened to the earth and the goddess – a forgiving, kind, compassionate, tender heart. It is a man’s honor towards us. Let us feel proud of this by being a good female signature.

from The New York City Post

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