Actress Shweta Khadka Started Building a Cancer Hospital

Cancer Hospital to be constructed in Godavari Municipality in remembrance of Shree Krishna

Nepali Actress Shweta Khadka is about to build a cancer hospital. Shweta who has to build a Majhi Basti in Sindhu Palchowk. Now she is planning to build a cancer hospital at the Godawari, Lalitpur.

It is all set to become a cancer hospital in Godawori under the leadership of actress Shweta Khadka. Her husband and famous Nepali actor Shree Krishna Shrestha died of cancer. How many people know how the pain of cancer lost her husband a few days after the marriage? Not only Mr. Krishna but Shweta’s brother in law also died of cancer. In this way, Shweta suffered a major setback when cancer removed her family from one family to another.


According to Shweta, the hospital, which has a hundred-bed capacity, will cure cancer and raise awareness about cancer. She was impressed with the National Cancer Hospital and took part in the work. The hospital is named after the National Hospital and Cancer Research Center.

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