181 die in monsoon-induced disasters so far

KATHMANDU: A total of 181 have died in the incidents of monsoon-induced disasters that occurred in various districts of the country in over three months.

According to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority (NDRRMA), 51 people are still missing.

NDRRMA chief executive officer Anil Pokharel said that a total of 278 people have sustained injuries due to disasters from April 13 to July 24.

The casualties have mainly resulted from floods, landslides and lightning. The most casualties are caused by landslides.

As per the data shared by NDRRMA, 128 people have died and 44 have gone missing in landslide related incidents. A total of 114 people have sustained injuries.

Similarly, six people have lost life, seven have gone missing and three have been injured due to floods and 47 people have been killed and 161 have been injured due to lightning.

The highest number of incidents of the landslide has taken place after June 13. The monsoon became active since that day.

NDRRMA said a total of 146 people have died, 50 are unaccounted for till July 24 since the onset of the monsoon.

A total of 126 have lost their lives to landslide alone during this period. Three people have been killed in incidents of flooding and 17 have died due to lightning.

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