128 Nepalis die from coronavirus worldwide so far

By  Jeshika Lamsal

Texas,  A total of 128 Nepalis have died from the COVID-19 across the globe so far.

According to the data provided by Health Committee under the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), 121 Nepalis have died outside Nepal.

A total of 66 Nepalis have died in the UK, 19 in the UAE, 17 in the USA, eight in Saudi Arabia, three in Bahrain, two in Kuwait and one each in Qatar, Ireland, Japan, Turkey, the Netherlands and Sweden due to coronavirus so far.

According to Dr. Sanjeev Sapkota, the number of non-resident Nepalis infected with corona has reached 14,425 and among them, 4,500 have recovered.

According to the Health Committee, coronavirus infection has been found in Nepalis living in Qatar, the USA, the UAE, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Malaysia, Turkey, Denmark, Portugal, Canada, Ireland, the Maldives, Spain, Australia, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland and Finland.

Likewise, non-resident Nepalis in Germany, Cyprus, New Zealand, Hong Kong, India, Malta, Poland, Russia, France, Myanmar, Romania, Sweden and the Netherlands too have been infected by the pandemic virus.

Meanwhile, NRNA has welcomed the decision of the Government of Nepal to repatriate Nepalis in trouble in third countries other than India.

NRNA President Kumar Pant requested the effective implementation of the decision and said that the association was ready to facilitate safe return of Nepalis.

1,401 cases, seven deaths in Nepal

Nepal has reported 1,401 coronavirus cases and seven deaths as of Saturday afternoon. The country witnessed a surge in COVID-19 cases last week with 817 cases.

According to the Ministry of Health, coronavirus was confirmed in 19 people on Sunday, 79 on Monday, 90 on Tuesday, 114 on Wednesday, 156 on Thursday, 170 on Friday and 189 on Saturday.

The number of infected people has reached 817 in just one week after the number of daily infected people started to increase to more than 100 since Wednesday.

Seven people have died and 219 recovered in Nepal so far.

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